Am 21. Januar 2021 fand der Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen statt. Zehn Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klassen 8 bis 10 haben mitgemacht. Im Folgenden berichten Ihnen Antonia, Dora und Salvatore von Ihren gemachten Erfahrungen. Vielen Dank an Frau Mehne für die Betreuung!


This year, the task of the Bundesfremdsprachenwettbewerb was to write a text about visiting the Buckingham Palace and having tea time with Queen Elizabeth. It was very interesting to really think about how you would act and feel if you´d actually meet the royal family. I enjoyed writing the text and i´m looking forward to hopefully participate again next year.

Dieses Jahr war die Aufgabe des Bundesfremdsprachenwettbewerb einen Text über einen Besuch im Buckingham Palace und einer Teeparty mit Queen Elizabeth zu schreiben. Ich fand es sehr interessant darüber nachzudenken wie man sich wirklich fühlen würde, und sich benehmen würde, wenn man die Königsfamilie treffen würde. Das Schreiben des Textes hat mir viel Spaß gemacht und ich hoffe, dass ich nächstes Jahr wieder die Möglichkeit habe bei dem Wettbewerb mitzumachen.


Our task was to describe the trip to the Buckingham Palace, that we won in a competition, where we also had a chance to have a conversation with the British monarch. We had 2 hours to complete it and were not allowed to use any translators etc. My text was more focused on the conversation between us, than the palace, since I found it more entertaining. I wrote about the British monarch answering my questions and leaving me in a shock because some of the information about the Commonwealth was completely different from what I thought. Personally speaking, this topic was really amusing and I had a lot of fun due to us learning something new.


The current pandemic has hindered many activities, including competitions. Luckily, however, the “Bundesfremdsprachenwettbewerb” managed to handle the situation, giving us a unique, simple task. We should write from home about our special experience of visiting the Queen Elizabeth and asking her some questions about our main topic: the Commonwealth, a union mainly composed by ex-British colonies.

For me, it was an interesting event. Not just because of the special situation of writing from home, also because of the opportunity of giving the best you’ve learned and still learning more about foreign languages.

Luckily, the connection worked and we could send a complete text without big issues.
Indeed, it was really exciting!